love god, love people, serve the world

Expect a relaxed atmosphere 

Most of us dress pretty casual.  If you love to dress up, on Sunday or any other day, that’s O.K, however you dress, it’s fine with us.  Just so you know, we keep the Worship Center about 70 degrees.  We do this for the people on the platform and the equipment we use and we want you to know it before you visit.

Expect great music  
We have a talented, dedicated team of people that work really hard to create a high quality worship experience that will help you connect with God.

Expect relevant teaching  
Our preaching is engaging, meaningful, and memorable. Our messages seek to bring hopeful transformation and salvation.

Expect real people 

Some of us are outgoing and funny and some are more quiet.  Some of us have been walking with Jesus their whole life and some are still checking things out.  Some have tattoos, some smoke and some still struggle with believing that God loves them. Chances are pretty good that some of us will be just like you...